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An e-invoice operator is the intermediator of e-invoices, and the party that delivers the invoices created in your ERP system to the recipients. An e-invoice operator is like a post office for your e-invoices, that sends and receives e-invoices on your behalf.

You can fetch the invoices that have arrived to your invoice operator to your ERP in the same way that you can fetch invoices to your company's mailbox from a post office. E-invoicing services are provided not only by specialized e-invoicing operators, but also by all Finnish banks.

The e-invoicing network formed by banks is commonly called the bank network. The operator identifier is part of the e-invoice address and is used to direct the invoice to the correct e-invoice operator.
An e-invoice address is the address of the sender or the recipient, and it is used to deliver e-invoices. E-invoice address is the delivery address of the invoice in the same sense as the the postal address is the delivery address to the traditional paper invoices. You can search for recipients' e-invoice addresses in the e-invoice directory.

The e-invoice address and EIA-identifier are often considered to mean the same thing, although e-invoice address in its broad definition covers both EIA and the operator indentifier.
The EIA code consists of the Finnish Tax Administration's code 0037 + the business ID of the company without a dash (8 characters) and possible extension (up to 5 characters). If your company does not yet use e-invoicing and does not have an e-invoicing address, you can easily get it into use by signing up for a free Maventa account here. The EIA identifier is generated automatically and can be found in the Maventa interface under Settings > Invoice receiving.

You can search for a recipients' EIA's from the public e-invoice directory.
PEPPOL (Pan European Public eProcurement On-Line) is a European network for the transmission of electronic documents. By registering into the network, you will be able to receive electronic invoices from any company that can send through the PEPPOL network.

Through registration, the information of your company's ability to receive invoices through the PEPPOL network is also added to the PEPPOL Directory service at Registration is free of charge and receiving costs are the same as with regular e-invoice receiving. Details of recipients registered in PEPPOL can be found in the PEPPOL Directory at

The address of the recipient using PEPPOL can be for example given in the form: 9908: 111111111
Operator: PEPPOL
Invoice sending can fail for example for the following reasons:

- Invoice has an invalid e-invoice address → check the e-invoice address, and resend the invoice after correcting recipient's information in your ERP
- Operator identifier is not given on the invoice, and the recipient's information is not found from the e-invoice address directory or Maventa's routing registry → add the operator identifier and resend the invoice
- The invoice recipient uses a bank as an operator and bank network connection has not been activated on your company's Maventa account → activate the bank network connection and resend the invoice after you get confirmation of activation.
If the e-invoice address on the invoice is missing or not found in the Maventa routing registry, Maventa's routing automatically selects an alternative way to deliver the invoice.

Maventa first searches for e-invoice addresses with recipient's organization number. If Maventa can't confirm one of the addresses to be the correct one, the invoice will be sent with the next possible method (first by e-mail and finally by post).
You can send attachments with e-invoices and email invoices. Attachments will not be delivered when the invoice is sent through the bank network or print service.
You can check the status of your invoices after logging into from Invoices > Sent by. Some of Maventa's software partners have added invoice status information to their invoice views. You can get more information about this from your software service provider.

If the invoice delivery fails, the invoice will go into an error state. Sender will also receive an email notification of the error if error notifications are enabled in Maventa-account's settings.
At least the EIA-indentifier /e-invoice address or the receiver's VAT / organization number. However, we recommend always giving the whole e-invoice address (EIA and operator identifier) if it's known.
To get started with e-invoicing, you only need two things:

1. Maventa e-Invoice account which you can open at:
2. An ERP that is capable of reading and creating e-invoices.

Opening an account is free and takes about 10-15 minutes.
The scanning service enables you to receive invoices sent to your company via post and email as e-invoices.

With this service, you can combine paper, email and e-invoice receiving and get rid of paper completely, guaranteeing you a more efficient use of your time. All you have to do is open a scan account for your company and ask those vendors who don't yet send e-invoices to send the invoices to the scan address. Scan service scans incoming invoices and interprets the following basic information to generate an electronic invoice:

Invoice Type, Invoice Number, Date, Due Date, Tax Amount, VAT Amount, Reference Number, Your Reference, Serial Number, Sender's Business ID, Sender's Name, IBAN Account Number, and Currency.
Do you have customers who do not yet receive e-invoices? Print service makes it possible for invoices to be sent to your customers via post on paper. You can activate the print service from your Maventa account from Settings > Sending invoices > Via print. Invoices are always printed during the following night and delivered to postal service company the next business day, delivery time depends on the chosen letter class category.
Employee, do you have questions regarding your e-payslip? Maventa only operates as e-payslip operator, and for information security reasons we don't have access to payslips. We recommend you to contact your employer directly, as they create and send the payslips.

Employer, if you have questions regarding the delivery of e-payslips, you can reach our support at If your question concerns for example pricing, deployment or use of e-payslip service, we recommend you to contact your software provider.


You can reach us through our chat service on Maventa’s website and on our support portal.

You can also contact us by sending a ticket through this form or by email

Our phone service is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm.

Phone (FI): 010 505 8474 (8,35 cent/call + 16,69 cent/min).

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